The Scope of Our Legal Services

Judical Execution And Debt Collection

The company has a legal team capable of drafting and reviewing all agreements, contracts and memoranda of understanding, concluding companies' articles of incorporation, amendments and more.

Contracts and Agreements Services

The company’s competent legal team is able to represent banks, financial institutions and other creditors inside and outside the Kingdom in collecting their debts owed to others, whether by friendly or regular means...

Legitimate and Legal Advice

The company provides Sharia and legal opinion in a wide number of sectors, including: the corporate sector and foreign investment, the real estate sector, the commercial sector, the engineering and construction sector, the energy and oil sector...

Advocacy Legal Representation

Representing other legal persons, whether companies, institutions, bodies or individuals in any legal actions and in all litigation, pleading and defense procedures with all judicial and quasi-judicial bodies and committees of all kinds and degrees in the judiciary...

Hussam bin Abdulaziz Bakhurji & Partners Co

For Law and Legal Consultations

In the eighties of the last century, lawyer and legal advisor Hossam bin Abdulaziz Bakharji succeeded in predicting the future of the legal profession in the Kingdom and its importance in the strategic dimension, as it is the profession that participates with the judiciary in achieving justice and the rule of law and helps individuals and companies to invest and advance in accordance with regulations that guarantee growth and prosperity for all.

Lawyer Hossam bin Abdulaziz Bakhurji established in that era a law firm and legal consultancy in accordance with scientific and professional rules and deep knowledge in the broad field of law to excel in his work since the first day by understanding the texts of Sharia and law and harnessing them to serve clients, as well as keeping pace with the development of the legal profession, which has become the basic guarantee for preserving Rights and the protection of interests and one of the basic pillars for the success of every investment activity in order to achieve the desired goals.

The office has achieved economic prosperity and wide growth among its clients, relying on legal and legal knowledge, regulations, professional experiences, and the accumulated experiences capable of achieving a qualitative leap in business that prompted it to transform the office into a professional law firm known as (Hossam bin Abdulaziz Bakhurji & Partners Law Firm) to keep pace with the development of The profession in all its stages in the Kingdom.